We are passionate about firewood! It is a great green product that is helping to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We specialise in dry split roundwood. We can also bring our firewood processor to you.

We can tailor our products to your needs. If you want specific sized logs we can cut them accordingly. We can supply quantitys of small bags which are easy to handle or bigger deliveries sold by the cubic metre.

Who are we?
We are a small business near Saxmundham in Suffolk specialising in seasoned locally sourced firewood, processed from a variety of hardwood and softwood roundwood. We also have a sawmill capable of handling a 92 centimetre diameter log at up to 5.3 Meters long. this gives us the ability to select trees in the wood suitable for milling that would otherwise be converted to firewood. We have a history in the furniture and joinery industry and also mill timber suitable for this.

Know what your getting.
We don't just sell by the load. All our firewood is sold as a measured unit so you know exactly how much you are getting for your money. We sell logs in small net bags and by the cubic metre bag which is delivered. All our firewood is well seasoned and not cut the same year as it’s sold. We aim to sell a product with consistent quantity and of consistent quality.

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Bulk delivery bagsPricing.html

We have been supported by, Woodfuel East and Defra with European grant aid enabling us to expand our capacity.

To supply a consistently good product with a transparent pricing structure.

our goal

If you have a loader on site then we can handle large trees with ease. We can still mill without a loader with the use of a winch. Its a bit more time consuming but does mean that we can mill timber anywhere we can set up the mill.

If you have trees that are too good for firewood we can convert them into a variety of usable sections, such as posts or planks. You could also stack your timber and leave it to dry for use as joinery or furniture timber.